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  • "Ball in Flight" Custom Club Fitting

    It is important to understand that there are a multitude of options in performing acceptable levels of custom fitting golf clubs to an individual player.

    Most golf retailers offer some form of custom fitting nowadays but it’s often as basic as a static fit, which only takes account of a golfer's dimensions and not how their swing effects the equipment and ball strike.

    That’s like being measured for a new suit without the tailor having any idea either, what you are attempting to do in this new suit or what affect this suit is going to have on your efforts. For this very reason we feel that following a Static fit with an in-depth “Ball in Flight” or Dynamic Fit is absolutely crucial.

    Our service is different being a green grass site because we invest the time and expertise required to establish what is really best for our members and customers on an individual basis. We use dynamic fitting which involves seeing the ball flight outside under playing conditions and wherever possible utilizing demo clubs to compare against your existing equipment.

    If you are interested in Custom Club Fitting and would like to learn more about how it would benefit YOU and your game, drop us an email to "" or alternatively, fill out our brief application form below and you will be notified of any upcoming Demo / Club Fitting Days along with all the relevant information you will need.

    Little Lakes Golf Club Best Deal - “Try BEFORE you BUY” FREE Custom Fit policy.

  • Please download our Custom Fit Factsheet

  • Please download our Expert Fitting Factsheet